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The Vermont Foreign Language Association envisions a Vermont of multilingual global citizens who collaborate and connect to the world as a result of meaningful world language experiences.

The Vermont Foreign Language Association condemns any form of bigotry or hatred. Indeed, the learning and teaching of  world languages is rooted in the belief that we are enriched by our exchanges with those who are different from us, and that diversity is a beautiful, vital part of our world. Our domain values diverse voices and perspectives; we further commit to elevating those that have been marginalized. Our learning environments reflect our diverse world through our choice of literature, cultural curriculum, and classroom materials. In our classrooms, students and teachers must examine their own biases as they gain knowledge of other cultures, so that we respond to difference with empathy and respect and recognize and expose patterns of discrimination. Ultimately, the work in our classrooms should dismantle ignorance and empower our students to stand up against injustice.

"Poetry is what is lost in translation." ~ Robert Frost

Calling all Vermont French and Spanish students! You are cordially invited to participate in the Vermont Foreign Language Association's inaugural poetry recitation contest and community event.

Each participant, in grades Pre-K - 12 will be asked to recite from memory one pre-selected poem between Sunday, April 11 and Friday, April 16. Students will record their recitations using FlipGrid, and a panel of judges will review the recordings.

Judging is based on pronunciation, memorization, and performance, and awards will be given in each category.

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VFLA Essay and Poster Contests 2020

Congratulations to the students winners and their teachers.

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With languages, you are at home anywhere"

~Edmund de Waal~

The Seal of Biliteracy

was awarded to fourteen

Vermont High School seniors!

The Seal of Biliteracy offers students a purpose in second language study because by achieving proficiency, they will receive recognition that is useful for college applications as well as employment opportunities.  It does not denote fluency, it denotes proficiency.  It means that a person can communicate with a high degree of comprehension in both speaking and writing, as well as in understanding and reading.  This past year 14 students in Vermont received the Seal of Biliteracy.  We anticipate many more students becoming eligible this year as 3 large districts in Chittenden County alone hope to implement the Seal (Burlington, South Burlington and Essex), along with many other schools.  Most exciting is that it also extends to non-native English speakers who are fluent in their native language, and hopefully by graduation will be proficient in English, thereby qualifying for the Seal.

The VFLA will supply the Seals for you to award.  It consists of a medallion on a lanyard.  We will also supply you with start up documents and a "road map" for what is needed  We will add you to an email group of collaborators and support you all the way!

Please reply to us here and we will be back in touch with you and add you to the group!  Now is the time to start planning!  

VFLA Distinguished Teacher award

Congratulations To Magali Simon-Martin

2021 VFLA Distinguished Teacher!

The VFLA presents the Distinguished Teacher Award to a world language teacher who:

    • is innovative and creative in the classroom
    • reflects on his/her practice and strives for professional growth
    • inspires and encourages students to become active global citizens
    • shares expertise with colleagues
    • exceeds professional expectations

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The VFLA Board of Directors

Without volunteers, VFLA would cease to exist.

Have you ever  wanted to help advocate for World Languages on a statewide level?  How about becoming a member of the Vermont Foreign Language Association Board of Directors?

Becoming a Board member is a unique opportunity to support and strengthen your profession in Vermont and beyond.  In addition to having an influence on the future of world languages in VT and helping to guide the VFLA in serving the professional needs of its members, benefits of being on the VFLA Board include free membership, free conference, and you can apply to your LSB for PD hours based. For more information about being a VFLA board member click here.

Community news

Je m'appelle Katrina Linscott et je suis professeure de français de la maternelle à la 8e année dans le Maine depuis 16 ans. Comme vous, je cherche continuellement des façons pour mes élèves novices et intermédiaires d’interagir en français en se familiarisant avec le monde francophone.  Ma philosophie d'enseignement et mon amour du Québec m’ont inspiré d’illustrer et d’écrire un livre pour enfants bilingue qui se déroule au Québec, un projet qui a duré plus de 7 ans.  J'espère que Disco et moi: une aventure inattendue au Québec  donner vie à la culture et à la langue québécoises en classe et à la maison.

Disco et Moi: une aventure inattendue au Québec est l'histoire d'un garçon dont le souhait de découvrir le Québec se réalisent lorsqu'il rencontre Disco, un labrador noir. Ils font un voyage magique comprenant des sites magnifiques et des spectacles hivernaux à Québec et un cabane à sucre. Cette histoire démontre que la langue et la culture sont indissociables car le français est le véhicule par lequel le garçon explore et apprend des aspects de la province. Des expressions québécoises, du vocabulaire de la cuisine québécoise, et un proverbe québécois s'entremêlent tout au long de l'histoire. Trouvez plus de renseignement à

La naissance de Disco et moi vient de mon observation où souvent les enfants qui n’ont pas eu d'expérience du français ou des langues étrangères en dehors de la classe ne peuvent pas comprendre qu’il existe d’autres langues et cultures. Cela les stupéfie généralement quand je leur dis que les chiens peuvent comprendre le français s’ils apprennent. Disco et moi encourage une attitude ouverte envers l’apprentissage de la langue et de la culture et de nouvelles expériences à cause des personnages racontables d’un jeune garçon curieux et d’un labrador noir. Les illustrations sont destinées à captiver, à inciter à la curiosité et à fournir un contexte pour la compréhension textuelle.  

Mes élèves du collège ont l'opportunité d'aller à Québec tous les deux ans. Cette expérience les motive et donne plus de sens à leur apprentissage du français. J’ai voulu écrire une histoire qui fournit une expérience pareille aux lecteurs. J'ai aussi créé une unité d'accompagnement . Mes élèves ont aimé se remémorer leur voyage en développant des compétences importantes telles que la conscience phonologique, la capacité d’inférer le sens des mots à partir des illustrations et du contexte, et de comparer les mots apparentés et, surtout, de discuter de la culture dans la langue cible.  

Je pense qu’il est important d’ajouter que mon objectif n’est pas financier. Ce projet était entièrement autofinancé et était simplement un travail d’amour. J'espère que vos élèves connaîtront et aimeront Disco! Pour plus de renseignements, visitez mon site web:,  ou pour acheter une copie avec envoi autographe dedicace, visiter Etsy.


Katrina Linscott

Please join us for the 37th annual

Classical Association of New England Summer Institute

On the theme “Power and the Individual in the Ancient Mediterranean World”

July 13-15 and July 20-22 via Zoom

2 weeks/ 2 sessions

This summer’s 3-day mini-courses include:

He Longed for the Desert: Turning Your Back on Rome  John Higgins, Smith College

Looking For (and at) Royal Women in the Hellenistic World Patricia Eunji Kim, New York Univ.

Practicing Critical Language Awareness in the Latin Classroom

Kelly Dugan, Trinity College

Pindar's Victory Odes: Songs and Contexts Hanne Eisenfeld, Boston College

Tragedy’s Empire: Individual Agency in Antiquity and Beyond Aaron Seider, College of the Holy Cross

Problems in Roman Slavery: Texts and Contexts Roberta Stewart, Dartmouth College

Dido, Hannibal, Carthage: ‘Necessary’ Victims of Rome’s Imperial Destiny?

Jeri DeBrohun, Brown University

What Happens When A Ruler is Replaced? The Problem of Succession in Antiquity 

Peter Machinist, Harvard University

Roman Hauntology: Spectres of Sulla in the Roman Civil Wars

Mark Wright, Sturgis Charter Public School

Public lectures session 1 (8-9:15 pm, eastern) will feature a series of three lectures by Diane Arnson Svarlien, most well-known as the translator of Medea.  

Public lectures session 2 (8-9:15 pm, eastern): Kathleen Coleman (Harvard University), Dan-el Padilla Peralta (Princeton University), and Aaron Seider (College of the Holy Cross)

The CANE Summer Institute is grateful to the Classical Association of New England, the Department of Classics at Brown University, and the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation for their support.

For more information and registration details, go to

Please direct questions to the CSI director Amanda Loud at


PO Box 66

Taftsville, VT 05073

 The USA Teachers National Association

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