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The Vermont Foreign Language Association envisions a Vermont of multilingual global citizens who collaborate and connect to the world as a result of meaningful world language experiences.

The Vermont Foreign Language Association condemns any form of bigotry or hatred. Indeed, the learning and teaching of  world languages is rooted in the belief that we are enriched by our exchanges with those who are different from us, and that diversity is a beautiful, vital part of our world. Our domain values diverse voices and perspectives; we further commit to elevating those that have been marginalized. Our learning environments reflect our diverse world through our choice of literature, cultural curriculum, and classroom materials. In our classrooms, students and teachers must examine their own biases as they gain knowledge of other cultures, so that we respond to difference with empathy and respect and recognize and expose patterns of discrimination. Ultimately, the work in our classrooms should dismantle ignorance and empower our students to stand up against injustice.

VFLA Conference News

We are pleased to announce that the VFLA’s Annual Spring Conference will be held this year at

Castleton University on Friday April 8th, 2022

We will have a keynote speaker in the morning followed by 2 breakout sessions with a choice of 4 different topics in the afternoon.  Look for more details posted on the website soon!  At this time, we are planning for an in-person event; however, there may be a virtual option. If in person, proof of vaccination and wearing masks will be required.

"Poetry is what is lost in translation." ~ Robert Frost

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News from The Seal of Biliteracy for 

VT High School seniors!

The Seal of Biliteracy is an award to recognize students who have attained proficiency in English and any other language(s), by high school graduation. In Vermont, the Vermont Foreign Language Association (VFLA), has partnered with the Agency of Education to award students who demonstrate these proficiencies.

For more information visit Vermont Seal of Biliteracy

VFLA Poster Contest Event

To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.” ~ Chinese proverb

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VFLA Distinguished Teacher award

Congratulations To Magali Simon-Martin

2021 VFLA Distinguished Teacher!

The VFLA presents the Distinguished Teacher Award to a world language teacher who:

    • is innovative and creative in the classroom
    • reflects on his/her practice and strives for professional growth
    • inspires and encourages students to become active global citizens
    • shares expertise with colleagues
    • exceeds professional expectations

If you would like to nominate a teacher,

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March 11th,  2022

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The VFLA Board of Directors

Without volunteers, VFLA would cease to exist.

Have you ever  wanted to help advocate for World Languages on a statewide level?  How about becoming a member of the Vermont Foreign Language Association Board of Directors?

Becoming a Board member is a unique opportunity to support and strengthen your profession in Vermont and beyond.  In addition to having an influence on the future of world languages in VT and helping to guide the VFLA in serving the professional needs of its members, benefits of being on the VFLA Board include free membership, free conference, and you can apply to your LSB for PD hours based. For more information about being a VFLA board member click here.

Community news

Professional Development opportunity: 

Building Language Skills for Language Educators. 

ICLS will offer this winter French, German, Italian, and Spanish courses. The courses include: Language Proficiency Maintenance, Communicative Language Teaching, Digital Storytelling, and Teaching Languages with Social Media.  Teachers will have a unique opportunity to practice their speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills both one-on-one with a language partner and as a group.   

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